Reply To: Recycled Substance


BTW, the “colored recycled substance” came from an image shown to me while meditating this morning. The most significant realization I got from this is the worthlessness of it all and how “the nature” entices one down a slippery slope to commit dasa akusala.

This morning “the nature” served up an apple that was rotting from the core outward. It was blackest at the core (rotten seeds, haha). In a moment of samphassa >> akusala mula PS cycle, I showed it to my roommate and unmindfully said “I’m not getting my apples from XYZ grocery store anymore”. Thus, committing pisunāvācā (slandering) before even noticing.

The nature may be neutral, but in this world full of old “colored recycled substance” (i.e., tasty worms and not so tasty worms), when you compare apples to apples, “the green” and “the RED” are the same. Here lies the the danger and vicious downward spiral that we are faced with here in these 31 realms of suffering.

More and more, I’m seeing the value of silence, simplicity and heedfulness which are continually increasing the determination to get out of here.

Much metta!