Reply To: Anantariya Kamma, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicides


@Vince and @firewrns:
This issue has been discussed under several topics, and a couple of links are given below.

Three main things to remember are:

  1. There are five anantariya kamma: killing mother, killing father, killing an Arahant, injuring a Buddha (a Buddha cannot killed), Sangha bheda (which is interpreted as schism among Sangha, but also includes misinterpretation of Dhamma).
    No other kamma will be an anantariya kamma.

2.In many instances, an action may involve both kusala/punna kamma and akusala/papa kamma. Sorting out some complex situations is almost impossible.
– As one progresses on the Path, one will automatically make right decisions.

  1. Regarding #2 above, “cetana” in an action is determined by the what types of cetasika arise AUTOMATICALLY in one’s mind. That is based on one’s understanding of Dhamma.

These are discussed in:
Clarification of definition – ” anantariya“”

What is Intention in Kamma?“.

Kanha (Dark) and Sukka (Bright) Kamma and Kammakkhaya

Kamma is a complex subject. The third post above should be read at the end. It discusses “effective removal of kamma“.

The key point is that these complex issues will be resolved in stages as one progresses on the path. But it is OK to think about them. When reading the above discussions and posts, hopefully things will become more clear.