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It is all a matter of conditioning.

One is influenced emotionally and psychologically by whatever envirnonment one grows up in. Moreover, the tenets and creeds particular to any belief system are handed down to you by those who love you and have your well-being at heart: teachers, mentors, and parents more than anyone else. ‘What? MY parents would teach me something untrue? They love me’ But they themselves are ‘victims’ of that conditioning.

That is how people become Christian, Hindus, Buddhists. I say ‘become’, because at birth one is not anything. All is handed down to you, sometimes even forced upon you by threats of hell fires, excomunication etc. (My reply to that has always been: If I am not communicated in the first place, how will anyone be able to EXcomunicate me?

I saw this at a very early age. Of course, I was labelled a black sheep, a stranger, an alien even. I would take nothing on blind belief or on external authority. Why should it be that I just happened to be born in that part of the world where they ‘have the truth’? (All those beyond are doomed, poor fellows) To my mind, they are very few indeed who are willing to leave the ‘security zone of the greatest number all around’ to go on a search of their own in the quest of Truth or Reality – how things really are. But there is no quest that is more noble and more worthwhile in the long run – and yes, also the hardest.

y not

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