Reply To: What is dukkha dukkha?


Hi Lal,

You said: anyone with a physical body will be subjected to all three types of dukka and that they continue until parinibbana.

I found the following in the Nettipakarana

Tisso dukkhatā— dukkhadukkhatā saṅkhāradukkhatā vipariṇāmadukkhatā. Tattha loko odhaso kadāci karahaci dukkhadukkhatāya muccati. Tathā vipariṇāmadukkhatāya. Taṃ kissa hetu? Honti loke appābādhāpi dīghāyukāpi. Saṅkhāradukkhatāya pana loko anupādisesāya nibbānadhātuyā muccati, tasmā saṅkhāradukkhatā dukkhaṃ lokassāti katvā dukkhamassa mahabbhayanti.

The Sinhala translation is in the Buddha Jayanthi edition Book 43, Nettipakarana, page 27.

What I understand from this is that Dukkha Dukkhatha and Viparinama Dukkhatha can be removed while still alive, while Sankhara Dukkhatha is eliminated after anupadisesa nibbana. This means that an arahanth will have sankhara dukka while he lives; the eating and walking on arms round, bathing etc. (Agree that for these actions no abhi sankhara is created).

I agree in principle on everything you have mentioned but I think I am hung up on a few technical words here. I know that the meaning is more important than the semantics of the words but only brought this up since we were on the topic of what “dukka dukka” means.