Reply To: Body, Gandhabba & vice-versa

y not

Thank you Lal:

The question is: is this ‘me’ the gandhabba? I can imagine a ‘me’ without the physical body alright; in fact, I see the body as a hindrance in the way of ‘me’.

Again, who is it who ‘with iddhi powers can pull the manōmaya kaya out of the physical body and who does the ‘separating his/her own mental body (gandhabba) from the physical body’? For the khandhas are in themselves, singly or collectively, insentient, and the body and the brain are only organisms.

For then we have: a gandhabba ,and ‘one’ who pulls out or seperates this gandhabba from the physical body. Or, arguably, that it is the gandhabba itself doing this, but, if that were so, it would be simply stated so.

Please clarify this.

y not