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In the post: Our Mental Body – Gandhabba:

#12…those with iddhi powers can pull the manōmaya kaya out of the physical body.

In: Sanna – what it really means:

#5.. by separating his/her own mental body (gandhabba) from the physical body

In the first case, who is doing the pulling? In the second, who is seperating? ….if we ARE the Manomakaya. There is only the brain, which we have seen to be just a mechanism apart from ‘YOU are the same as GANDHABBA, the mental body’ (Lal, last post above). Surely, there in no other. Otherwise, one may as well say: the manomakaya pulls itself out, and, our mental body (gandhabba) seperates from the physical body.

I am saying this because I want to eject the ganndhabba out. Now who is this I/ (in line with the two quotes above)? Or eject myself out. Not to go on some kind of tour, but to leave this body with it brain behind, and not return. Is there a way?

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