Reply To: Wrong English translations of Aniccha, Anatta, Sakkaya ditthi… etc


Thank you all so much for your posts!

The combination of Lal’s post Key to Sotapanna Stage – Ditthi and Vicikicca, the uncontrollable biting dog example and the unfruitful khandha “mines” cleared enough “gold” dust off the Path to see it clearly. I say “gold” dust b/c where I live we are having pollen storms from all the pine trees here. So, I’m continously wiping away the “gold” dust.

Also, “gold” is associated with high value (fruitfulness), but the truth is the more valuable rupa and nama are in this world of 31 realms, the harder it is to leave behind, thus more suffering.

Many thanks to all of you here…You are my Sangha!

With much metta!