Reply To: Anantariya Kamma, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicides

y not

Reference has been made to something I had written:

‘This COULD be the same issue that “y not” asking about’ -May 29, 2018 at 3:17 pm’

It is possibile it is this, or that it is connected as a ground for it:

Beings have been in sansara from beginingless time; when they attain Nibbana they will be there for endless time. (Whether any particular being must of necessity attain Nibbana in the long run is another matter and is not relevant here). Clearly then there is a continuity that is eternal, since 1) no being can COME INTO being and 2)the past can have no beginning, nor can the future have an end. For ‘being’ you can read : lifestream, entity, individual, self, soul,it does not matter, as long as the intended meaning is that of an ENDURING ‘X’ (so as not to be restricted and thus unduly influenced, even unintentionally, by the stringent meanings of those words or of any others that one may care to come up with) NOT AN UNCHANGING ‘X’. This ‘X’ must be enduring throughout the eternal process of first the timeless-in-the-past sansaric wanderings and the following timeless-in the-future abiding in Nibbana to make sense and purpose of all the striving and suffering involved.

But, ENDURING does not mean UNCHANGING

-There is a self: No. Because by ‘there is a self’ is meant or implied
that there is an enduring and unchanging ‘X’

-There is no self: No. Because by ‘there is no self’is meant or implied
that there is no enduring but changing ‘X’

In other words, how will an ‘X’ that is enduring but changing be described?

There is an enduring ‘X’ but it is ever-changing, and that up until Parinibbana.

y not