Reply To: Clarification of definition – " anantariya"


Thank you Lal.

I was reading an article on Ven. Moggallana’s life. I was curious about the information regarding the passing away of Ven. Moggallana after being beaten by bandits. From what I understood, he killed his parents in a previous life.

10. The Death of Maha Moggallana

From your explanation, once a person commits an anantariya karma, the results follow at the end of the current life.

Given the above, does the karmic energy from an anantariya karma get expended completely before being born in another plane? i.e. does the sentence have to be completed in full before another life form begins?

According to Ven. Moggalana’s life, the kammic energy from the anatariya karma was still present as a result of which he was beaten by bandits.