Reply To: Akasa dhatu – "space element" ?


@C.Saket. You said:
In the post : Rupa – Generation mechanism, it is said that:
“…Those 8 rupas (patavi, apo, tejo, vayo, vanna, gandha, rasa, oja) and the akasa dhatu are produced by all four causes (kamma, citta, utu, ahara).”

You are correct. That was a mistake on my part since akasa dhatu is an anipphanna rupa (see below) and I have removed that sentence.
Thanks for pointing it out.

The important point is that the 18 types of rupa (nipphanna rupa) on the left hand side of the Table in “Rupa (Material Form) – Table” are those produced by mechanisms directly related to the mind.
– Those 10 on the right-side of the Table, including akasa dhatu, are called anipphanna rupa (abstract rupa). I suspect these rupa are more like “mechanisms/principles”.
– I do not feel confident to say anymore, since I do not have a comfortable understanding on anipphanna rupa.