Reply To: Can a sotapanna anugami lose progress when reborn in unfavourable conditions?


Thanks Lal, Y not.

Y not: Yes the Gita i wrote once a thesis on it for the Hindu Depart. of the Oxford University.

Firewens, as for why one would be more inclined to contemplate on one of the 3 marks, the following association (just an exemple) comes automatically to my mind : saddha – faith – heart – dukkha. Just a little hint.

How best to contemplate…? Of the 3 “qualities” which prevails in you ? Or are you a mix? I’m a balance between the 3, so sometimes i focus only on on one of them, otherwise i like the “vibe” when i’m looking for the connections between the 3… But always with my own life-experience(s) as a background, otherwise the bhavana will not penetrate you “till your bone’s marrow”…