Rupa and Rupakkhandha, Nāma and Nāmagotta

…four nāma aggregates are preserved in the nāma loka (immaterial or mental world) as nāmagotta. Critical Differences Between Rupa Loka and Nama Loka 1. We are familiar with the rupa…

Anidassana Viññāṇa – What It Really Means

…cravings for patavi, apo, tejo, vayo dhatu..”. (Meaning he has overcome tanha for sensual pleasures available in the kāma loka comprised from the four mahā dhatu). The Buddha told the…

Our Two Worlds: Material and Immaterial

…made of two types of worlds: The material world (rupa loka) that we experience with the five physical senses. This is our familiar world with living beings and inert objects….

Nāmarupa in Idappaccayātā Paṭicca Samuppāda

…All posts in “Buddhism – In Charts.” References 1. “Idappaccayātā Paṭicca Samuppāda“ 2. “Paṭicca Samuppāda During a Lifetime.” 3. “Six Root Causes – Loka Samudaya (Arising of Suffering) and Loka

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loka encompasses the first FIVE dhātu. Most of us are only familiar with the rupa loka. Scientists are focused on the rupa loka too. Memory, namagotta, kamma bija, dhammā, kamma…