Reply To: Question on PañcaUpādānaKhandha …


Your thought process is good.

But can look at it the following way too.

1. Rupa play a dominant role. For any mental entities to arise, an internal rupa must come to contact with an external rupa.
– There are six internal rupa and six external. Note that dhammā are rupa too: “What are Rūpa? – Dhammā are Rūpa too!

2. Thoughts with “viparita (distorted) sanna” (sanna vipallasa) and “samphassa-ja-vedana” arise COULD arise due to such contacts.
– Then based on those “mind-made” sanna and vedana, vinnana (future expectations) arise and we engage in abhisankhara that lead to future rebirths and other types of vipaka.

3. When we recall past events, we recall not only the associated rupa, but also associated four types of mental entities: vedana, sanna, sankhara, vinnana.

4. Therefore, attachment involves all five aggregates. Thus, panca upadana khandha (pancupadanakkhandha).