Reply To: Does citta have spatial location?


The Mind is the forerunner of all that is. The mind(viññāna/citta) is the master……

So, Answer is yes.

Because, hadaya vatthu has spatial location, so, consequently citta will also have spatial location, right?

No, I say: Namarupa ……….viññāna/citta, requires Hadaya Vatthu/1x Suddhatthaka, but determines the location of Hadaya Vatthu..

Yes. Where the hadaya vatthu is, that is where cittas arise. 

If you go to the Moon, your cittas will arise at that location on the Moon because that is where your physical body and hadaya vatthu (located in the manomaya kaya within the body) will be.
Suppose you had developed abhinna powers and had attained the ability to come out of the physical body with the manomaya kaya and travel with the manomaya kaya (this is called “astral travel” nowadays.) Then you can even leave the physical body on the Moon and travel to Earth with your manomaya kaya and your cittas will arise wherever you are on Earth. 

YES, this statement is correct insofar as the birth is complete. As long as paṭisandhi is not included. 

“kammā vipāka vaḍḍhanti, vipāko kamma sambhavo”

“Tasmā punabbhovo hoti, evan loko pavattati”
The last citta vithi of the old life arises in the ancient hadaya vatthu and it will go through its course of 17 cittās, including the last two Tadārammana or “registration” (T) cittās, after the seven javana cittās. 

Cuti or death is not a citta. It is the death of the Hadaya Vatthu of the old life. Cuti, or the death of the ancient hadaya vatthu, happens immediately after the last citta vithi, and the cuti citta is in the last citta vithi. Paṭisandhi citta grasps the gati of the new bhava. 

So Citta is in charge of the place. Hadaya Vatthu serves only as an underground.
Citta = nama decides and Hadaya Vatthu with 1x Suddhatthaka = Rupa
It’s a loop but Citta or the ghost decides…. 

I think I found the solution myself. 

Thank you Dear Lal…….for all that I learn from you. 

P.s. or I didn’t interpret the questions and answers correctly….