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      1. I want to emphasize the following message on another thread. This is an easy-to-use app created by Seng Kiat Ng. He has renamed the link to “https://puredhamma.netlify.app/”, which is easier to remember.

      Pure Dhamma: A Quest to Recover Buddha’s True Teachings

      As you may know, Seng Kiat also maintains an eBook in pdf format, which is updated regularly as posts are updated:
      Pure Dhamma Essays in Book Format
      – It can be read with eBook readers like the Kindle.

      2. The menu on the main website is too complex (too many layers). Furthermore, some menu items need to be revised.

      (i). The “Comments/Book Reviews” section has been deleted. The few posts there moved to other sections.

      – The posts under “Book Reviews” were moved to the “Dhamma and Philosophy” section.

      (ii). The two subsections on “Is There a ‘self'” and “Paticca Samuppada – Not self or no-self” in the “Origin Of Life” section moved to a new section under “Is There a ‘self.’

      (iii). The subsection “Nama & Rupa to Namarupa” in “Living Dhamma” moved to the section “Key Dhamma Concepts.”
      – One post was moved to the new section under “Is There a ‘self’.”:
      Do I Have “A Mind” That Is Fixed And “Mine”?

      (iv) Those who like to dig deeper into how rupa (matter) arise via javana power in mind (“Manōpubbangamā Dhammā..“) should read the subsection, “Nama & Rupa to Namarupa.”
      – This subsection was hidden in a deeper layer in the “Living Dhamma” section. So, some people may have missed it.

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      Thank you, Lal, for this post on the new website “https://puredhamma.netlify.app/” in ebook form.

      In addition to the “replica” of Pure Dhamma website at “https://puredhamma.netlify.app/”, I have also added the Medium Discourses Collection – Majjhima Nikāya at “https://puredhamma.netlify.app/MajjhimaNikaya/”.

      This Medium Discourses Collection – Majjhima Nikāya can also be access from “https://puredhamma.netlify.app/” under the Content (a drop down list) column (left column) right at the bottom of the list, under header “Sutta Piṭaka” with a list “Mijjhima Nikāya”. Once “Mijjhima Nikāya” is click, it will open in a new tab. More collection will be added as I compile them and publish it!

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