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      “the early humans had a single language called Magadhi from which Pali words originated. It was a universal language with the effects conveyed by the way the words were pronounced.”

      I suppose that you’re referring to the early humans living there where Gautama Buddha lived which is nowadays – more or less- eastern Indian subcontinent ?

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      This is an issue that is do with the beginning of the humans. This is not the right time to discuss it.
      – We have enough more important issues to worry about.

      I am going to repeat what I just mentioned in another topic:

      I have been writing a series of posts at the following discussion forum.
      I am trying to present a systematic presentation there, starting at a basic level (a suggested sequence of posts was published only a couple of days ago):
      The teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abhayaratanalankara Thero

      Since it is hard to present such a systematic approach at puredhamma.net, I plan to continue that series.

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        Yes it’s the kind of subject that can be clarified elsewhere

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