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      Hello All,

      In the post “Paramita and Niyata Vivarana – Myths or Realities?“, Lal writes:

      “but the Buddhahood is attained by only a man”

      Why? If all asavas and gati are removed, what is left? It seems to me that what is left is a non-bias, non-craving being inside a “shell” that happens to have a couple of different features (body parts). If the mind has been completely rid of any defilements or contaminants and there’s no masculine or feminine characteristics except body parts, how can it be that females cannot attain Buddhahood?

      Much metta,
      Donna :)

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      @Inflib: I just revised that post to add the following:

      “In the rebirth process, we all have been born a man and a woman innumerable times. If I remember correctly, the Bodhisatva was a woman when she started cultivating paramita to becomes Buddha. But at some point (probably after getting niyata vivarana), he had been a male.

      There is a slight difference between male and female. That may not be politically correct to say these days, but that is the reality. One is a man or a woman because one has cultivated the corresponding gati.  No matter how many laws are passed, the military is always going to be dominated by men, for example.”

      By the way, what I wrote about Ven. Sarputta missing a prediction about who was going to win a war under a another topic, that incident is also mentioned in this post.

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