Ānisaṁsa sutta

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      Ānisaṁsa Sutta (AN 6.97)

      this sutta presents that asādhāraṇena ñāṇena is one of the ānisaṁsā sotāpattiphalasacchikiriyāya, the reward of attaining sotapanna stage.

      I wonder what is asādhāraṇena ñāṇena and what is the role of this ñāna.

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      asādhāraṇena ñāṇa” is wisdom that is uncommon or “not shared with average humans.”
      – Not many humans can comprehend 4NT/PS/Tilakkhan and get there. That is why it is called so.

      The Buddha has several asādhāraṇena ñāṇa not shared with even Arahants. Only a Buddha would have them.

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      Thank you for the answer. And I’m sorry for my mistake. I didn’t know that.

      This is what lal revised

      And This is what I first copied.

      I had cut the front part of link like this then pasted here like this.

      The reason why I cut the link is that the untidy link code is disturbing my writing, so I wanted to minimize it.

      Now I know why I should not cut the link. I’ll keep it from now on.

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      You are welcome!

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      Great. Thank you for trying it out!

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