Reply To: Animal reincarnation


Buddha’s teachings are vast and all self-consistent. The only way to disprove them would be to find any inconsistencies.

I though this website was based on revisiting bouddha’s teachings… Since they are 2500 years old, and since they were written by somebody else 500 years later, i think it is very safe to assume that they do not ressemble 100% the original teachings. I also think one should be able to think for himself and examine carefully what he believes.
They might seem consistent to you but to someone else they might seem absurd. The idea that the exact last thought will determine your next birth does not match people Near Death Experience.
I think this is a misunderstanding.
What is true is that when you die your fate is over and you canno’t change your karma anymore, so the global state of your mind/karma at the last moment will indeed determine your fate. Death is often a physically and mentally challenging event…I think there is no need to pretend otherwise…. Also body condition affects thoughts….
But i read your theory about the cows. It might make some sense but that is far from what i would call a consistent theory. Why would the last thought be one of the strongest karma? what would justify this.
This theory could also lead to absurd thinking like the following : if i kill myself in a pleasant state of mind and cultivate good thoughts, then i will reach better rebirth….