Reply To: Discourse 1 – Nicca, Sukha, Atta


LDF wrote: “I think that drinking analogy is valid for realms above human realms.”

– No. It is valid for all realms.

Any dukha or sukha felt in the current life is due to “panca upadana khandha” in previous lives. In that analogy, “poison was consumed” in a previous life, and one now reaps the results (vipaka).
– The Buddha was injured once and had several other ailments like back pain. That was not because of “panca upadana khandha” after the Buddhahood.
– “panca upadana khandhā dukkhā” means “attaching to pancakkhandha is the cause of future suffering.”

LDF wrote: “Another interesting insight is that is only because Gandhabba is kammicaly trapped in human body, that when three types of buddha removes PañcaUpādānaKhandha, they are also able to guide others to it, without instantly attaining parinibbana, isn’t it?”

– Yes. That is correct. A gandhabba of a Buddha or an Arahant can stay alive only until the kammic energy to sustain that physical body is there. Had Buddha’s physical body died right after attaining Buddhahood, his gandhabba would have perished, and he would have attained Parinibbana.