Reply To: Descent of Gandhabba Into Womb


Personally i have experienced it this way that one is helpless without relating to ones own conscience. It has no real value when others have to tell you what is immoral and immoral, and wise and not wise. One has to be ones own guide. This knowledge we have to find in our own hearts.

The real mirror of Dhamma is conscience. One knows inside oneself what is immoral and moral. A Buddha does not have to teach us this. We only have to acknowledge what is taught and it is nothing new. We often also feel we have to go in a certain direction, but do we listen?

The issue is not our not-knowing but the real issue is, why don’t we listen to our conscience? Why don’t we use the mirror of the Dhamma in all our daily activities?
Why is it not our daily focus, our guide, our calling? Why do we ignore our conscience and listen to impulses, to greed, hate etc?

One day we will realise, (in what way is inpredictable), that listening to our conscience, the mirror of the Dhamma, is most important. Our cravings, our tanha, is not a messenger of the truth. It deprives us from our inner wisdom which is nothing other then the knowledge of the heart, our conscience.

Our consciense also knows that any egoistic driven behaviour is ofcourse not pure. We know that, but again we do not listen? In fact, all we have to know to proceed, we allready know.
But do we listen?