Reply To: Defilements removed at each stage of Magga Phala


“Though, avijja and mana may have relatively more influence on the sense of a “self.”

1. Yes. That is correct.

2. That is the main reason ALL asobhana cetasikas reduce strength as avijja and mana decrease.
– It is the view and perception of “me” and “mine” that lead to ALL defilements (and akusala kamma), i.e., energize all asobhana cetasikas.
– The largest change happens at the Sotapanna stage when one loses the wrong view of “me” by getting rid of sakkaya ditthi. Look at the list of asobhana cetasikas removed by a Sotapanna in your list in the first post. The Buddha said the fraction of defilements left in a Sotapanna compared to an average human is like a small pebble compared to a mountain.

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