Reply To: Magga and Phala Event in Sotapanna


Hello exist,

The following forum thread also touches on the topic you’re asking about.

Post on “Gati (Habits/Character) Determine Births – Saṃsappanīya Sutta”

Lal said:
“1. When one first starts comprehending Buddha Dhamma at a deeper level, one becomes a Sotapanna Anugami. That means one gets into the path (magga).
– But it may take many days or even many years for a Sotapanna Anugami to cultivate that path and to become a Sotapanna.”

In the forum I mentioned, Lal explained what happens when one gets into the path, which happens when a person gets to the Gotrabu stage.

After this stage, one may take some time to get to the magga citta, followed immediately with the phala citta.