Reply To: Nibbatti Lakkhana In Udayavaya Nana


Hi Lal,

You mentioned: “Nibbatti lakkhana is basically the blueprint for the building up of any sankata.”

I contemplated on this topic of Nibbatti Lakkhana again and would like to pen down some thoughts. Since Nibbatti Lakkhana defines the blueprint for any sankata, it would appear that it also defines what we are capable of doing and achieving. For example, a cat, no matter how hard it tries and imagines itself to be an eagle flying in the sky, can never become an eagle in this lifetime. An eskimo no matter how aspirated he is to become a NBA basketballer is never going to realise his dreams. In simple words, Nibbatti Lakkhana is in a way, genes, genetics. Heredity passed on from our past kamma, not only in the form of DNA, but also our blessings and mishaps (vipaka). It defines (and determines to a certain extent), what we are capable of achieving and the potentiality of the type of vipaka that can be unleashed onto us when certain conditions are fulfilled. A person born poor can only associate with the poor like sticking around with his/her own family members whereas the rich and powerful can network with the rich and powerful. Not only because they can, but also because they are having the right genes to perform to a certain level of competency (or lack thereof). Now comes the crucial part. A person with some background on Tilakkhana will know the futility of pursuing worldly stuffs. So naturally, he/she sees the worthlessness of worldly things and will ease off the throttle instead of trying too hard in life. Whereas for the case of a worldly person who has yet to give some serious thought on Tilakkhana, might fall into serious depression when things do not go their way.