Reply To: Pañcasatikakkhandhaka (KD 21)


To understand the background, one needs to read the chapter from the beginning (there is an English translation). 

It describes the events following the Parinibbana of the Buddha and preparations for the first Buddhist Council.

Then starting at marker 1.16.18 (close to where TGS tagged) it says:

Upāliṁ vinayaṁ pucchi, sutta­n­tā­nanda­paṇḍita­ṁ; Piṭakaṁ tīṇi saṅgītiṁ, akaṁsu jinasāvakā.”

That is a highly condensed saying, “Ven. Upali recited the Vinaya Pitaka, Ven. Ananda recited the Sutta Pitaka, and all gathered Arahants recited all three Pitaka (including the Abhidhamma Pitaka, which was only partially finished at that time.)”

TGS is asking about the next verse:Khuddānukhuddake nānā, yathā­paññatti­vatta­nā­; Na pucchi akkamitvāna, vandāpesi na yāci ca.”

Here “nānā” means “various,” and NOT a “ñāṇa.” 

That verse says that subsequently, they discussed various primary and secondary Vinaya rules (Khuddānukhuddake nānā), etc., related to the above recitals.