Reply To: Question about Maccariya (tendency to hide wealth)

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Applying it to myself:

Give it away to those who need it most, keeping to myself only as much as I need to live a decent life. No useless luxuries, extravagant lifestyle etc – all pointless in the end.

What is a luxury (from excessive wealth) to one is a bare necessity to another.

Apart from that, this constant preoccupation about being robbed of the wealth, the stress resultant from the harassment, the fame and so on is a constant burden on the mind. To progress on the Path one should have as little of that as possible. And one will lose it anyway at death. So it is well said: ‘What is given is well saved’ ( I do not remember the Sutta, I think some verse in the Dhammapada). Not to mention the merits (to oneself) of giving, but that should NOT be the reason for giving, it should not even come to mind.